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Rochford SS4 1NE, UK

©2017 by Bounce Village

Bounce Village Cafe Ltd - Registration Number 11806998

  1. You need to be minimum of 5 years old to bounce at Bounce Village

  2. All bouncers MUST complete and sign a Risk Awareness Form PRIOR to using the trampoline area. Those under 18 years old must have their Risk Awareness Form  signed by a responsible adult*.

  3. All bouncers MUST have watched the Safety Video PRIOR to bouncing, even if they have seen it before.

  4. Bounce Village approved grip socks MUST be worn for hygiene and safety reasons.

  5. No mobile phones, belt buckles, loose change, jewellery or similar sharp objects are allowed whilst using the trampoline area. Lockers are provided on a first come, first served basis at no extra cost.

  6. No food or drink is allowed in the trampoline area (especially chewing/bubble gum).

  7. No-one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed to bounce, nor is anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  8. Those with medical conditions, ill health or who are pregnant are advised not to bounce unless participation has been sanctioned by a qualified medical practitioner.

  9. Bad language and/or bad behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to being escorted from the park.

  10. The appropriate coloured wrist band must be worn during bouncing.

  11. Strict adherence to the Rules and Regulations will be strictly enforced at all times.

  12. We reserve the right to refuse entry or eject any person from the park at any time.

Park Rules

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Bag Jump Rules

Basketball Rules


Dodgeball Rules

Performance Trampoline Rules

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'The Wall'  Rules

*A responsible adult is one that is familiar with the child in question.