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Dodgeball Area Rules 

  1. Only one per trampoline at any one time.

  2. No double bouncing allowed.

  3. Do not lie down or sit on the trampolines.

  4. Do not jump near to or land on padding.

  5. Always watch out for other people to avoid collision.

  6. Keep within your skill level and capabilities.

  7. Always practice safe bouncing and safely land on your two feet.

  8. Do not grab or pull at other players.

  9. No grabbing or holding onto the safety netting.

 Dodgeball – Rules of Play 

  1. Max of 8 players per team.

  2. You may deflect a ball being thrown at you by using a ball in your hands.

  3. The court referee’s call is final.

  4. Once out, exit and wait for the next game.

  5. “You’re out” if:-

  • You’re hit by a ‘live ball’

  • You throw a ‘live ball’ that’s caught before it touches the ground or wall.

  • ‘live’ is a ball that has been thrown and not touched anything.

  • You hit someone in the head.

  • You cross or enter the neutral zone.

  • You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds.

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